Consultation Report on New 2023-2025 Strategy Published


We have published a new Statement of Strategy Consultation Report 2023-2025.

The report details the feedback we received as part of the public consultation on our new strategy over the Summer, and how we are planning to respond.

The public consultation survey was open to all stakeholders, including registrants, staff organisations, employers, managers, patient advocate groups and the general public. Over 120 responses were received.

Some of the key areas highlighted by respondents included the need to:

  • retain nurses and midwives;
  • attract new nursing and midwifery talent from overseas;
  • evolve the education of nurses and midwives; and
  • further promote the role of NMBI and work with and through partners to amplify our impact.

Respondents also highlighted the need to respond to:

  • greater diversity in the workplace;
  • changing models and settings of healthcare; and
  • challenging work settings.

Our CEO, Sheila McClelland, said: “The consultation process has provided us with valuable insights, suggestions and practical steps that we can take to improve our focus, efficiency and effectiveness. We would like to thank everyone who submitted their feedback. The outcomes will be reflected in our new Statement of Strategy 2023-2025, which will be published in early 2023 and made available on our website.”

The Statement of Strategy Consultation Report 2023-2025 is available on our website here.

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