Your Feedback Needed on Digital Health Competencies for Undergraduate Nursing and Midwifery


We are inviting members of the public to have their say in a consultation on the standards and requirements for digital health competencies within undergraduate education programmes.

The standards aim to provide guidance to education bodies (EBs) and associated health care providers (AHCPs) on the delivery of undergraduate education programmes to ensure students are confident in accessing and managing quality-assured digital health systems and solutions.

We developed the Draft Digital Health Competency Standards and Requirements for Undergraduate Nursing and Midwifery Education Programmes following extensive consultation with nurses and midwives, and in collaboration with an expert working group to align with national and international evidence-based practice.

In an evolving digital health environment, digital education needs to be current and universally included within nursing and midwifery curricula, training and continuing professional development programmes.

As part of the HSE service plan, the Sláintecare Implementation Strategy and Action Plan 2021-2023 and the Health Services People Strategy 2019-2024, and the Department of Health’s Report of the Expert Review Body on Nursing and Midwifery (2022), digital health is a key priority to support the redesign of services required under the Sláintecare model of care.

The consultation is now open and will remain open until 11 April 2023. We hope that you will take the opportunity to be part of this review as your opinion is important to us.

Visit our website to find out more about the consultation.